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Upgrading BN .94 ctw studs, help plse


Oct 4, 2016
Hello, hello.

When I purchased my studs back in 2010 I believe BN did not have an upgrade policy. I am happy that they started an upgrade policy a few years ago.

I was initially planning on buying diamond jackets for my studs. Now I feel I may want to upgrade my studs closest to 1.5 ctw (if I can find a pair in my price range) before committing to a jacket.

My studs are 0.94 ctw, 0.47 in each ear : round, ideal-cut : G, SI2. Diamond price before setting $1,488.

My upgrade price would have to be $2,976 and above. I would like to stay close to this price rang as possible, not exceed past $3,500 unless there's a matching pair that's worth purchasing. I read somewhere online for studs I-J color is great. Not worth the unnoticeable upgrade in color. Is this true?

I so confused on all specs that go beyond the 4c's. For cuts I know to go Ideal or Signature Ideal but to be honest the whole ratio, HCA, confuses me all. I am not asking you to go out and search diamonds for me (I won't complain if you do :lol: ), but maybe help me narrow down the diamonds.

I've called BN. I would have to pick out my diamonds, call them to reserve it for me, send in my studs, pay and get the new studs. If I do not like the new studs I can do an exchange within 30 days. HOWEVER, I can no longer get my old studs back.

Is there a noticeable different in studs from .94 or around 1.5? Is it worth it?

Here are some pairs I've picked out from BN

This is all I could pick out for now. Everything is starting to seem all the same :wall:
Maybe someone can give me some input as what to enter in the advanced filter option I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


Jan 11, 2006
Yes, an upgrade from .94 ctw to 1.5 ctw is definitely a noticeable visual difference.

I think I color is great, however I would not buy SI2 from BN because they don't show images of most of their stones. Some SI2s are not eyeclean and more importantly, some inclusions will affect light return. In case this is your last upgrade, I would strongly recommend SI1.

But to help you get started, you need to find GIA Excellent cut stones within these measurements, because I noticed in your first pair you had a stone that was too deep.

Table: 54-58

Depth: 60-62.3

Crown angle: 34-35.0

pavilion angle: 40.6-40.9
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