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Under what conditions would you buy an uncerted diamond


Jan 9, 2015
Timely thread, I was *THISCLOSE* to pulling the trigger on visually well matched 4,7 ctw oec pair on auction. They were estimated by a GIA trained appraiser at j/k vs1 and k/l si1.

I liked them visually, kept going until 15 K (including buyer's premium, so 12.5 k hammer price).
It was a trusted expert who gave me the estimate, but given that they were bezel set and he might be off by a few grades (hidden chips..) I stuck with the limit I had set myself beforehand.I figured I might be able to sell an eyeclean 2.2 CT L m oec and an eyeclean 2.5 CT n oec at that price, if the appraiser we as off a few grades.

In short: when it's a rare or hard to come by cut, matched pair or suite, GREAT price and preferably set in antique jewelry.

Then it might be worth it to ME.


Feb 2, 2015
All my stones were uncerted when I bought them. I have done pretty well, but I have ironclad rules:

1) seek only old cuts, no moderns.
2) assess according to my priorities (eye-clean first, and then size - millimeter, rather than weight) To me, color is not at all important.
3) no debt, no financing, no exceptions.
4) antique settings are incredibly difficult to source cheaply, so I rush to grab them, since a diamond can (eventually) be found to fill them.

YMMV and that’s a wonderful thing! We’re all different, and we all see beauty differently. There are stones for everyone’s taste. I am supremely grateful that other people had deemed my diamonds a hard pass, otherwise they wouldn’t have come to me! Maybe someday I’ll buy a stone that’s already certed... from a trusted Old Cut vendor.
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