Trust the appraiser?

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Feb 27, 2003
I see a lot of advice and information on protecting yourself from the jewler. How about the appraiser? I don''t want to be paranoid, but does anyone wonder about whether or not the appraiser will return a different stone to you while attaching the paper analysis on the "real" stone? Has this happened to anyone?

I suppose I can try to check the stone again myself after I get it back from the appraiser, but geez there''s only so much that I can do without the machines and equipment. Any advice other than go to a reputable appraiser?

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
This is a good point, and one of the reasons I prefer to do while-you-wait appraisals right in front of the client.

Other than that, you can easily have the diamond checked by most any professional to make sure it matches any cert you received on it along with any appraisal done. Many will do it at no charge.

If it's loose, the carat weight is always a great quick indicator. Diameter and depth measurements are a good clincher, although be aware that there might be a slight difference between the calibration of millimeter gauges.

Whether or not the diamond has fluorescence is a good indicator, along with the color and clarity of course.

The plotting diagram is also a real clincher as well. You just loupe the diamond to see if it has the same internal characteristics.

Appraisers operate entirely on their reputations. If they lose that, they lose their means of livelihood. Not much incentive to make a quick one-time buck ripping off someone's stone.

Even still, your comment about finding a reputable one (through word of mouth and referrals) is well said.


Jan 29, 2003
Richard's advice is excellent. Have the appraiser help you see the inclusions within your diamond in comparison to those indicated on the lab report... And check out the reputation of the appraiser by asking questions here on the boards, i.e. has anybody had any experience with this appraiser? The world of diamonds is quite small in reality and most of the major players know each other, if not personally, by reputation. However, please note that most of the forum's prohibit the dealers from recommending an appraiser, thus we can respond to a specific question about an appraiser, but we can not recommend one to you that is in your area...
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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