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Discussion in 'RockyTalky' started by shark224, Aug 11, 2001.

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  1. shark224

    Aug 29, 2001
    by shark224 » Aug 11, 2001
    i am very, very new at this and extremely uneducated when it comes to diamonds. my knowledge is very basic in the sense that i know what the 4 C's are and that's about question for y'all is......i'm about to get ripped off getting a diamond ring from either tiffany or cartier [​IMG] and i'm wondering if there's a noticeable difference to the untrained eye between the colors G and I. i really can't tell the difference even when i stare at it for a long long time. would most/any layperson be able to differentiate between these two colors? because i sure can't.second, is it possible that a high end retailer such as tiffany and/or cartier have tighter tolerances for color. i.e. is it possible that their I is better than other I's???? like i said, i'm a novice so take it easy on me.thanks in advance.


  2. Garry H (Cut Nut)

    Aug 15, 2000
    by Garry H (Cut Nut) » Aug 11, 2001
    Look from the side not front on.
    The color difference will be there.
    If you still cant see it then get ripped off a bit less and go with the I [​IMG]
  3. sophomore

    Aug 13, 2001
    by sophomore » Aug 11, 2001
    I am just another consumer, but we have a Tiffany and a Cartier here in Atlanta and I have shopped briefly in both stores. I can share my observations with you, and I am sure some pros will add their comments.I guess you have already seen that you will pay quite a premium in either Tiffany or Cartier compared with what you would pay elsewhere for stones with similar characteristics, and whether you are getting ripped off by paying this premium depends on what you value. If you value the name enough to pay the premium, you are not getting ripped off (although many would say that you are [​IMG]). But, in my opinion, the premium is paid for the name and not much more. You are not inherently getting better stones by purchasing them at either of these stores.Cartier provides GIA certs on their stones, but they keep the certs in NY until you get serious about the stone. At that point, they will fax a copy of the cert to the store you are dealing with (at least this is the procedure in Atlanta). Their GIA certs are specially formatted and are provided to the purchaser in a very nice leather portfolio. Cartier stones have laser inscriptions on the girdle (too many in my opinion): they inscribe the GIA cert number as well as the Cartier name and a Cartier number. The salesperson I spoke with had no information to offer about cut and did not know what a Sarin report is.Tiffany provides a Tiffany certificate on all of their stones; this certificate includes the measurements of the stone, clarity, color, and carat weight. For diamonds in excess of 1 ct. or D or IF stones, they also provide a GIA cert.So, for both stores, they don't have tighter tolerances for color because the color is graded by GIA (although who knows how Tiffany grades color for stones smaller than 1 ct.--they have a reputation to protect but it would make me uncomfortable to not have the independent cert.--especially paying that premium). They both choose to carry only color grades that are I or above. With regard to clarity, Tiffany only carries VS2 or better. I believe Cartier only carries VS2 or better, but will go to SI for larger stones (multiple carat weights).Personally, face-up, I can't see the difference between G and I in well-cut stones. Perhaps on a white card face down, but you don't wear them that way! I purchased a very well-cut I color diamond and have been very happy with the color. Even looking through the pavilion in the setting, I do not see any yellowish color.Sorry this is so long--I am very detail-oriented! Hope it helps a little anyway.Good luck!
  4. Alaindex

    Sep 5, 2001
    by Alaindex » Sep 6, 2001
    It is true that you could better prices for the same stones if you buy them on the net rather than at Tiffanys or Cartier.There is a difference though on the setting quality that they sale.On top of their elegant design they have a very good quality of mounting plus a kind of exclusivity.
    And no,their I is not better than another I if both are GIA certified.
    Hoping you will have the answer you were looking for.


  5. jamesd

    Feb 8, 2001
    by jamesd » Sep 8, 2001
    They carry better overall quality of goods than a typical mall vendor but that is about it for the difference in diamond quality. Their diamonds are not inherently and maybe not at all super-ideals, though by now I expect they have some available.Buy there because orf settings or because you value the name. Just don't expect to get more in diamond quality than you would get form a good retail or online alternative. You won't.
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