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Three Stone but with Marquis instead of Pears


Nov 10, 2019
Hi all, I've been looking around for this but to no avail.

What are your thoughts on a Round center stone (~2.3-2.6 carat range) with a marquis on each side.

I've seen a lot of 3 stones that consist of a round with two pears, but not this particular combo. I guess what attracts me to marquis over pears is that the part of the ancillary stone that sits next to the round would be thinner so it would look a little closer in dimensions to a solitaire but still have the 3 stone design.

Brilliant earth does something similar, but I would ask Leon to do this because I've admired his work for years and the responses on a prior thread is I should go to a Leon or Victor for work.

Here is the Brilliant Earth ring:

Thoughts on any guidance I should give Leon? Or what size marquis would be ideal? I assume less than .3 carat for each marquis right?

I should go higher in color on the marquis correct? Ie a marquis betrays more color than does a round? Ie if I do an H color round I should do something in the E, F, G range for the marquis?

I always thought I wanted a solitaire but there is something so elegant about a three stone. Thank you!


Jun 14, 2018
I say do what speaks to you! I happen to like marquis shaped and think a similar design as the example will look great.


Jun 25, 2019
What a lovely design! I don't think a marquise will show colour in any significant way so matching G or H stones should be fine.

I'd measure out your round stone though with the dimension of two 0.2/0.3 ct marquise to make sure it all fits into your ring size. The marquise in BE's Nadia ring are 0.03 each.

Your jeweller can get the right ratio but it also depends on how much you want your ring to look like a 3-stone ring, versus a ring with subtle side accents.
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