Three questions from GiGi

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Oct 8, 2002
1) How many facets are there on a nicely cut emerald-cut stone?
2) There is a "Rissian CZ" seller online who claims even gemologists can not tell their CZ apart from real diamond. Unless they do a chemical test of some sort Is that true?
3) What is a Moissanite? Why is it called an "alternative to diamond at half the price"?

Thanks to you all!


Aug 27, 2000
Hi Gigi,

Emerald cuts have 58 facets. There are, however numerous other emerald cut variants like the tycoon cut, etc.

I don't believe the claim with respect to the russian cz. I suppose it could be true but I believe it could be distinguished with a simple diamond tester, which brings me to your final question.

Moissanite is another type of diamond simulant. Do a search here and you will most likely find quite a bit of info. From what I recall, when first introduced, it was a "difficult to detect" simulant. However, from what I recall, there are some pretty unique properties (I vaguely recall something about double refraction? Its stretching my memory!) that make it distinguishable by a properly trained jeweler.

Pleae someone, come put me out of my misery!


Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
GiGi, there's not a cz alive that can rival a diamond's appearance. At first glance, maybe, but continued observation will always bring the cz up wanting. Then you've got the problems with it getting duller when it's dirty, or filmed, and the other problems of it getting wear & tear in the form of nicks, chips, scratches and abrasions.

Moissanite is a nice looking "imitation", but still plainly an imitation rather than the real thing. Em, the big telltale sign of the moissanite is it's double refraction. It splits light into 2 rays, as opposed to diamond, which is singly refractive.

On top of that, moissanite always has a bit of "color" to it, usually in the IJK range, and often with a faint greenish tint. The girdle has a different look and the inclusions have a different look. It's relatively easy to positively ID when you know what to look for. Until then, you just keep thinking "something looks 'funny' about this stone".

I think cz's and moisannites are fine for what they are, imitations, but their claims of equality or superiority to a diamond's beauty are grossly overstated.

Rich, GG
Sarasota Gemological Laboratory
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