Thoughts on visual diamond comparison

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May 5, 2008
Hi all,

I''ve been reading several posts where people have visited a vendor to see their diamonds in person, and it got me thinking. I think the hardest part (especially for PSers) about deciding what diamond to buy is how much to sacrifice colour and clarity for size, as the budget is usually fixed, and usually it''s GIA Ex/AGS000 cut grade that''s being sought. In reading these posts, I found that many consumers call themselves "color sensitive" because they could distinguish between an E and an F, or an I and a J, for example, when the diamonds are shown side-by-side. But what I want to know is how often these consumers would be able to pick out the difference if they were shown an E, and then ten minutes later, an F. I bet most people wouldn''t be able to consistently tell the difference! I wonder how many color grades would one have to go before they could consistently determine which diamond is of a better color grade.

I think this is important to think about because it probably influences what diamonds we end up buying. For example, if we can see that a G looks more tinted than an F when side by side, we''d be more inclined sacrifice size or clarity to get an "F" stone. But if we can''t distinguish between an F and a G if we look at these diamond individually, 10 minutes apart, then it''d be smart to stick with the G.

The same goes with subtle differences in size. A 1.4-ct diamond may look larger than the 1.3-ct diamond when side-by-side, but would the average consumer really notice the difference if you were shown one today, and one tomorrow? I think this is worth considering, especially once we narrow down our final choices to 2 or 3 diamonds. What do you think?


Jul 17, 2008
I agree. I can tell an E from an I but a G-H-I a few minutes later, probably not. Same with size. I can tell a 1 ct from a 1.25 but not anything smaller difference if I see them apart.
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