Thoughts before I buy this .90 F vs2


Oct 20, 2015
So I found this jeweler by me that says he can bring this diamond in.


If I can haggle him down to the asking price from solomon Brothers is this a good diamond?
The HCA says its a .7 but I'm just worried where the inclusions are. Nor do i have an ideal scope on hand to view this diamond when he brings it in. any advice is helpful.


Apr 2, 2015
It has a large table which will show a bit less dispersion (fire) combined with the shallower crown height. It should face up bright. It's just preference. Some people like more fire, so this wouldn't be a stone they'd likely choose. Some prefer more brightness if you will, so this would probably be one of interest. If you or your intended isn't a diamond crazed enthusiast, then it's probably great. No way to tell about light performance though, so you'll just have to use your eyes. Look at it in different lighting environments and make sure there's at least a 15 day return policy in case you don't love it.

Also, I didn't see the inclusion plot, so I'm not sure where the inclusions are that you're worried about. Typically with a .90 carat, a VS2 will be nice and eye clean and the inclusions won't take away from the diamond's performance. But that's what the return period is for. :))


Aug 8, 2005
The crown and pavillion angles are really nice (of course it's GIA so it's rounded, but still). It faces up REALLY nice because of the depth, but it's not too shallow for a 60/60 style stone. It will favor white light and brightness over colored flashes and fire, but not TOO much because the angles are good.

Regarding clarity, it's under a carat so there is no plot.
Before the jeweler calls it in make sure it is eyeclean and ask the color of the crystal. And that the feather doesn't break the surface. The middle-man who owns the stone should be able to tell them that much before they call it in. No sense if having them pull it if it's not going to minimally acceptable.

I personally would be fine with a VS2 grade setting feather (that its listed first tells you its the grade setting inclusion) as long as it's not on the girdle or breaking the surface.

If they do call it in, make sure that the jeweler shows you the inclusions for yourself. I have to see my VS1 inclusions with a 40x loupe they are so hard to find (they are graded at 10x).

Overall, I like the stone. F VS2 and just shy of a carat. I think it's a good find if the clarity works out.
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