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May 7, 2003
I purchased a diamond from the diamond district in NYC. After I purchased it I was looking at and was comparing the diamond I purchased to what they had available on bluenile. I came across this diamond that had the exact specs as the diamond I had in my possession. I looked at the GIA # and for some strange reason it was the same. So anyway I called up bluenile and I didn''t tell them right away that I had the diamond with the same GIA # I told them I wanted to purchase they diamond which they had online(which was the one I had) and you know what they were ready to sell it to me. I did come out and told them I purchased it already they said that it is possible that it is the same that the diamonds do come from NY. I just wanted to point out beware don''t be surprised if you purchase a diamond then see it online for sale.


Apr 29, 2003
The question now would be, what price is BlueNile asking for and what you actually paid for.

Next question then, tell BlueNile you want to buy right now and see if they come back and tell you it is sold already.

And if they can indeed sell it to you, you better hope BlueNile GIA cert is fake.


Aug 25, 2000
It was the same one , it takes awhile for the cutters inventory list to change. If they would have called for it the diamond would have come up sold.

Places on the internet that you think are big storage houses of diamonds is wrong in thinking. Some carry no diamonds at all and work out of their house. The illusion of a big store and vast amounts of inventory are a joke.

I too have found some diamonds that I have in inventory come up on some of the pricescope lists.

When you see diamonds on the interent 99% of the time are just lists. Exceptions of NiceIce,Barry,WhiteFlash,and GoodOld Gold , which I know they carry inventory.

Just lists? So when you find a diamond , ask around we all have access to the lists, maybe you can find a better deal.

Im glad you brought this up.

Do you ever wonder about people that dont have the diamond listed and you send them money and you never hear from them again ?

Now who your dealing with.


Mar 31, 2003
After I purchase my stone I saw it posted on some other web sites for over a week. They just don't update their database frequently. Was BlueNile cheaper, did they verify if it was sold and not available? Have you had your diamond independently verified? They probably haven't had there database updated to reflect the sale, but worth following up on, maybe.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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