The Fire Thread!

Rafael Jackson

Nov 30, 2021

In the course of taking regular pics of my ring, I ended up with a few small but nice fire shots. That got me wondering what I could get if I really tried. So I got up very early one morning, cleaned the ring and patio table up and got to work.

The low, early morning sun proved perfect for catching some pretty neat shots, I think anyway, but unfortunately it proved great for catching every spec of dust floating around too. It also managed to make my clean ring look like it had been through a war, so much for cleaning everything.

At any rate, I had a blast shooting these, although it proved WAY harder than regular photos, one false move and the shot is gone. I''''m surprised I didn''''t pass out on a couple, as I literally held my breath to get them. lol

I then wanted to post them, and looked for a fire thread, I was sure there would be one, but I couldn''''t find any. So I contacted the moderators to be sure, and asked if there really wasn''''t one, would it be alright if I started one, that everyone could contribute to, and they readily agreed. Yay! So, here is a place where you can shamelessly post your stones putting on a show. It doesn''''t matter how big or small, they''''re all beautiful. Some of my favorites are with very little fire. So, grab those cameras and get to work!

I ended up with a bunch, imagine that.

I don''''t know if this first one technically applies, but it''''s colored and it''''s coming off my ring, and I thought it was just too neat not to post. Obvious movement.

Need I say more.. The room lights up like a disco ball!
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