Tacori in Philly or custom/e-ring?


Jul 29, 2011
Hi All!
I'm new to pricescope, what a wealth of helpful info & resources! Here goes, my first post...
My boyfriend and I recently started ring shopping in the Philadelphia area and have been to the King of Prussia mall a couples times together. We are really liking some of the Tacori solitaire settings we saw in a store called Milanj Diamonds. The salesman also showed us a few diamonds (we were comparing rectangular cushions & radiants to the more square cuts, so cool to see the difference in person!) just to get an idea of what cut I'd like. I think I've settled on cushion cut, hopefully around 1.0 carat... so my question is, what is the best way to do this? Should we buy a diamond from this store where we might buy the setting? From what I've read so far it sounds like whether we buy it in the store or from another company online, Tacori will end up setting the stone anyway. But while I've read in so many discussions that you'll get the best quality diamond and more bang for your buck from online stores like White Flash or Good Old Gold, I've read some other comments that say it's cheaper to purchase the stone & setting from the same store... and if that is the case, would we be better off getting a custom ring (tacori inspired) & diamond from a store online, or stick with Milanj? Or are there better places to go in the Philly area? Yay I'm excited! But also want to make a well educated decision! All suggestions & advice welcome!!


Jan 11, 2006
Well, most of us who have been here awhile were once in the same position! I am thankful I found PriceScope because I know I got a better diamond at a better price than I could have locally.

Good Old Gold is a good choice for you because they have the most gorgeous cushions and they are Tacori dealers. My ring stone came from them and I was totally pleased with their service. And it is definitely good if the diamond vendor sets the stone (or sends it to be set) because they would be responsible in the event there was damage to the stone during setting. Then it comes to you ready to be insured.

Good luck and let us know what you decide!


Aug 8, 2005
I couldn't custom make a Tacori ring. They are too distinctive generally to be well replicated. Just stick to the designer ring... Tacori also is very accomodating from what I understand about customizing their designs.

I would shop around for Tacori prices... this is another PS dealer that you can call and check prices with:

I know a few posters have found Tacori settings for less than GOG is pricing them out for in some instances, and in other's GOG is the best price. I think it just depends on the style you are looking for.

I would 100% shop at GOG for a diamond center stone though. If I was looking for a diamond right now they would easily be one of my first calls, hands down.

ERD can sometimes get designer settings too, even though they aren't listed on their site as a dealer... so it may at least be worth a call since you want a cushion and they are great with them. You never know!

Best of luck, can't wait to see what you chose!
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