Someone please tell me that this isn't true...


Mar 4, 2010
Circe|1309444128|2959027 said:
Lanie|1309443124|2959015 said:
The Iran comment? That's just in poor, poor taste. I won't go into some of the other ones because I know I'd get slammed by many of you here. :cheeky:

I'm not jumping on ya - I'm one of those people who gets annoyed when people misused the word "literally." That said ... while we're not Iran, I do detect some similarities between religious fundamentalists of all stripes, and the attitudes they display towards women.

And ... how bad does it have to be before I'm terrified? I don't want to make this thread emotionally manipulative by bringing in personal anecdotes, but just for context, I have to say, after I found out my first pregnancy had ended with the death of the fetus, the thought that I might have to carry the dead baby indefinitely came pretty close to driving me mad. The idea that, if I had to be induced at a clinic being picketed by crazies, I might have to explain my circumstances to them before they let me through ... that didn't make me happy, either. If I'd been in a state other than California - Nebraska is the most recent example to come to mind - the first thought might not have been hypothetical, and the crazy in question might have been behind a bench instead of pacing a sidewalk. (See:

I don't care if it makes me a wuss compared to the women who survive the terrible circumstances of Iran. I'm literally terrified.

Just to play devil's advocate, but it is possible that the word "literally" is misused to further add emphasis.
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