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Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
I have posted this response to SteveL's questions in the "eightstar vs superbcert" thread because it answers many frequent questions.
Steve wrote>>
I know your advisor has been up and running for several months, but does AGS or GIA endorse it? Have I missed something?
Are you still refining it, or is it a done deal?
I thought you where working with Sarin?>>>GIA can not endorse anything (nor MSU) until they have completed all their exhaustive research. Once stated they will have severe difficulty retracting any statements. I neither look for nor expect GIA endorsement and hold their approach to this issue with great esteem.
As you know they published the results of the Brilliance study 2 years back and look at the storm of missunderstanding that created (including some of my own published comments). They are very wary of any future communications, although I do from time to time have embargoed discussions with researchers there (but of course no comments about HCA).AGS - now that is another issue. In personal communications they know their system is flawed. They were attempting to do something about it, but I think they have decided the business is too good to give up and they will slug along until the GIA conclude their study!
Personally I believe that is inappropriate for a proffessional and trusted body.
Do I seek their endorsement? I think not. Do they seek mine? I have been asked to be patient, but anyone who knows me knows that is impossible!No Steve you missed nothing - there have been no annoncements as yet.
Yes we are working on a stand alone program that will hang off any source of data, like Sarin - or allow manual input. This includes girdle (and min-max), culet size and eventually symmetry, half facets and polish.
But like you Steve I run a trinket store (2 actually) and this is work that happens inbetween.Yes it is unfinished business, but it will not miss advise anyone and as always we most strongly recommend an independant appraiser eyeball any selection - or at the very least the consumer should see a selection side by side in a number of different lighting environments.
Garry Holloway
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