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So Options, Questions from a Couple of First Timers


Oct 6, 2016
My boyfriend and I have been looking at engagement rings together for quite some time....We are so overwhelmed with all of the options and would love to hear some of your experiences/advice.

- We are looking to spend $10,000 total. We want a quality setting, with a good diamond. We are willing to sacrifice some quality for size- but not a lot. We would like the center stone to be between 1.5-2 cts, excellent cut. However, we are really open to anything that sparkles! :)

- I found this ring at Robbins Brothers -
and fell in love with it. However, with the cost of the ring, plus a center stone, we were a bit outside of our price range.

- We went to a local jewelry store that my family has bought diamonds from before and they basically told us that our price point was too low for them to have a lot of options for us. :naughty:

-Last night we happened to pop into a Jared's. I normally would steer clear of them, but I wanted to at least look. I found a Scott Kay setting that looked very similar to the Tacori setting above. For some reason I'm nervous about buying something of Jareds. They were very high-pressure and told us that the price would only be good for two days. I also didn't like that you had to buy a warranty- I feel like a store should sell something that they take pride in and should offer a warranty automatically.

So.....I have a ton of questions.

1) Is Tacori with the brand name price?
2) We really like what we have seen on Blue Nile and White Flash. I'm worried about buying a ring/diamond that I've never tried on before. Is it an easy process?
3) Has anyone bought from Jared before? Was it good? Bad? Worth it?
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