Size or Sparkle? Ladies, this man needs your help!

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Nov 21, 2006
So here I am. I''ve spent weeks doing the research, weeks looking at rocks, and have narrowed it down to two. Both are beautiful Princess diamonds and both she will love. But I can''t decide. And so I turn to you and ask, form a woman''s pespective, would you rather have a rock with a slightly better sparkle, or one with a slightly better size and a smidge of color? Here are the specs:

Contestant # 1 - 1.08ct, VS-2, G Color, Very Good cut. This one has stood out form the beginning because it is a beautifully cut diamond. I''ve compared it to all kinds of rocks and it always has that slightest of edge because of its angles.

Contgestant # 2 - 1.20ct, VS-2, F colour, Very Good cut. The biggest one I''ve looked at, it''sa beautiful rock with a slightly more noticeable size advantage on # 1, and a very small smidge of color superiority. Although my guy says it''s a middle F and # 1 is a very strong G, almost an F, so perhaps color is not a factor.

I wish I had pics but I don''t. On paper, you go with #2, but when you look at them side by side (as I have ad nauseum), one is simple "bigger" and one has more "sparkle," both advantages by a smidge.

Not sure if this makes a difference but the setting I''m going with is a Tiffany''s Lucida-style setting, and I''m told it''s harder to notice the size difference once a rock is set.

As for price, the bigger rock is more, not by much, but I''m not concerned with dollars. I simply want to know, as a woman, would you rather have a rock that sparkles slightly more or one that has a bit more size?

You may all be instrumental in a future proposal.

Thanks in advance.

PS - guys, feel free to weigh in as well if your women have commented on the above dilema.


Jul 11, 2005
Could you give us the dimensions of the diamonds? Carat weight is not the best way to think about size. If I knew the mm difference, I could give you a more informed answer.


Aug 28, 2006
What is the price for each?

You will certainly be able to tell the difference in size, though in colour you'll have a hard time..

It doesn't depend solely on size and colour/clarity..

What are the dimensions of each diamond?

you mentioned that one sparkles more than the other.. This could be because one of them is not cut as well as the first, which will cause one to reflect less light than the other.. And thus appear to be less brilliant.

You need to let us know the size in mm of each side (ie length, width and depth)..

If you can provide the table size also.
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