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Jun 1, 2018
If I ever bumped into you here in the UK, I would absolutely know it was you from these stunning rings :kiss2:
:lol: This amuses me greatly. Say hello if you see me! :lol-2:

Yesterday I went to deliver a parcel to some neighbours who cannot leave their house. I put it next to their front door and then literally stood on the other side of the road waiting just to check they received it. The guy - who knows about my diamond obsession but doesn't understand it at all (and even in the past has scoffed a bit at it) - opened the door. The first thing he said before he even said hi was "Oh my god your diamond is amazing, I can see the fire from here!" His comment made me rather happy! I guess that means it's hard to miss...
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    Three-stone engagement ring upgrade
    Three-stone engagement ring upgrade
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    Vintage OEC Bracelet
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    June’s Birthstone Trinity

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