Show me real life perspective shots of tennis bracelets

Vanilla Bling

Mar 20, 2017
Things aren’t always as they seem are they I bought my Diamond tennis bracelet 30 something years ago and maybe wore it 5 times I went into a pawn shop that dealt mainly in jewelry pretty big shop there was a beautiful antique ring I had my eye on so I went back the next day with my bracelet and asked if I trade my bracelet and you give me the ring how much money will you give me back ? I was like 24 25 years old , they said to let them appraise it while I look around and I was watching them out of the corner of my eye they were talking and watching me I had a weird feeling so when they walked over and said I could take the ring and $2500 I said no because I knew it was worth a lot more than that ,they told me it was a 7.5 carat but I always thought it looked bigger and why I didn’t take it somewhere else I have no idea !! it’s basically sat in a drawer all these years but it’s 12.6 carats not 7.5 !! I knew that feeling I had years ago was right .
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