short term / long term value of diamond?

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Dec 20, 2001
Hey all. I acquired my first diamond in an odd way, and have a couple of questions.

I had to sell my beloved '92 Subaru Justy because parts simply were unavailable for it (don't you just love those dependable, disposable cars?). While it ran in tip top shape, I was unable to find a buyer who'd give me more than $300 for her. I felt jipped. I decided to take my $300 and make lemonade out of lemons by putting the money into something more valuable.

Enter my diamond.

I purchased my GIA certified diamond on eBay for $300. Here are the basic stats: 0.28 CT, VS1, E, medium girdle, laser inscribed with the GIA number. The proportions are not the best, giving it a "fish eye" appearance, but overall a very nice little diamond. I took it to a jeweler to verify that it was the diamond in the cert, and I even read the inscribed numbers myself. It's the real thing.

I've seen prices on Pricescope for comparable diamonds running roughly $450, so I feel pretty good about my purchase.

I'm trying to figure out how to get the best value out of a little diamond like this. It's not investment quality, but I know that it's worth more loose than unset. I could part with it to the right buyer, but I don't have to sell it. So, should I hang on to it, and sell it in a few years? Should I just go ahead and get it set (I'm not a fancy jewelry wearer, so it would sit in a drawer). Or, should I just hang on to it and keep it as a surprise for one of my future children (maybe someone will need an engagement stone in 20 years?).

Anyway, there are no wrong answers here, so feel free to post your favorite opinion.




Dec 31, 1999
My thoughts at the moment:

Set it and give it as a gift if you don't want to wear it. It isn't so large that it would be flashy looking in a pendant, bracelet or ring. There's no point in having it sit in a drawer. I suppose you could save it to give to a child one day. I wouldn't count on seeing it appreciate in value over the years.

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