Seemingly Never Ending Asscher Search


Dec 17, 2015
Hello all,

I'm pretty new to the forum, but have been searching for an Asscher stone for quite some time now. I've been with my girlfriend for just under 6 years, and it's time to take the plunge. I'm planning on proposing near the end of February, so my search has ramped up a bit.

In reading the other posts, I've come to conclude that the look someone wants from the stone is somewhat subjective. As such, some people might want more contrast between each step, versus an all glassy appearance. I have a budget of $6500 on a stone, between 1.2 and 1.3 ct. In full disclosure, the parameter on ct is almost strictly on wanted to get as close to a 6mm square as possible. In order to stand out from two accent stones I plan to have and the width of the ring band, that has seemed to be the ideal size. With that in mind, I've been comfortable in lower my limits in my search to an H color and VS2.

But back to the now pressing issue. I've found stones that are within my budget but have some contrasting blue on the Aset Image. I've heard mixed opinions on what the color trend should be for such a stone, but a fancy cut has different parameters then just looking for a ll red like a round stone. Personally, I think there is something intriguing about the contrasting steps within the stone. I've attached the Aset image and GIA report for any and all critic. Again, I don't think I want to shy away from all contrast. And the stone I'm refering too seems to have a decent amount of red and solid pattern.

Thanks so much in advance!




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