''Search by Cut Quality'' lists TIC only?

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Oct 30, 2002
My brain was working a bit overtime this morning after reading the HCA post that is going right now..and I started thinking about the 'Search by Cut Quality' function that is on Pricescope's homepage. I love this function, as it seems to be one of the best ways for someone who doesn't really want to spend 4 months learning the ins-and-outs of the HCA and diamonds to find and purchase online what might be considered a truly stellar stone.

Anyhow--I plugged a few of the #'s in (about 7 different stones actually) and all of them were TIC under 2.0. Then, I scrolled the 15 pages of results looking for a crown angle of 31 or one of 36. Nothing. 99% of them seemed to be 34-35. Pav angles seemed to be mostly in the 40s. This leads me to believe that the Search by Cut Quality tool is really only for those searching for TIC's?

What about those people who are specifically looking for BICs or FICs? Knowing to look specifically for a shallower or deeper crown angle?

I know that this search tool exists only because Pricescope vendors are willing to place the crown and pav angles up and therefore let themselves be judged by the HCA, but it would be very helpful if other types of stones could be added. A more complete 'picture' if you will of what is out there for purchase by the consumer.

Is it that the general diamond industry does not consider BIC and FIC's to be desirable stones to the general consumer?



Sep 3, 2000
The "General industry" you refer to would not know a TIC from a BIC or any other IC. These measurements or estimations of brilliancy given to us by the HCA are foind on Pricescope and a big help to consumers who cannot examine every diamond in person. Pricescope and the HCA are way ahead of the general industry.

This may seem like it makes for confusion, but really you are witnessing the beginning of major changes in how diamonds are examined, understood and graded. It will not change overnight, but over quite a bit of time.
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