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Rough Diamond and Coloured Diamond


Nov 21, 2016
I am interested in a rough diamond and a honey coloured diamond. I don't have a budget or any specific details of the rough and the coloured diamond I am looking for. I want a Canadian rough diamond and a honey coloured diamond. No deadline. Please recommend a vendor or website that sells rough diamonds and coloured diamonds. Thanks in advance.


Aug 5, 2018
John Betts for rough of stated origin - www

Langerman lists both rough and cut fancy colors.

There must be many more options; there is so little mention of rough here.


Apr 25, 2014
Oooh , he asked,
And I never said …. "sell sell sell " ? miss quoting me.
I did not misquote you - I removed your wording and replaced it with the underlying message because I expect your post will be deleted soon by admin, and quoting it would create extra work for them because they'd have to delete my post too.

You have presumably read the Terms of Use for this forum before you signed up?


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