Ring size, Winter, Woman cycle, Band Width...please help!

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Dec 9, 2002
My gf ring size was measured 3 times in 3 different locations on 2 different days.
First day it was a 6
Second day, 30 minutes apart, it was a 6.25 then a 5.75
We're during the winter.

What would be your advice for the actual ring size I should choose.
Note that the ring will be around 3 to 4 mm wide (so not that wide)

A 6 ?
or a 6.25 because during the summer her fingers will become bigger?

Also, note that the 4th finger size in the other hand is between 6 and 6.25

I don't know what to do!



Oct 30, 2002
Okay I tried to respond to this earlier but I was having problems with the site. Lets try again...

It sounds as though I am having the same problem. I have been measured 4 times, first time I was a 6, then a 6.25..then a few weeks later I was a 5.75 and then this last time I went I was a 6. So we are going with a 6. It's not super snug but forcing a 5.75 the last time wasn't working for me.

What I was going to suggest for your lady is maybe getting her a 6 and if it is a setting that can be easily re-sized (e.g. solitaire or similar), see how the ring and her finger size fare through the year and through summer. If she would feel more comfortable with a 6.25, then you can get it resized later.

Also I noted that the difference between a 6 and a 6.25 seems pretty minimal, they both fit similar on my fingers. The jeweler decided 6 seemed best. But I have tried on 7's (other friends) and it wasnt super loose. So who really knows! ;-)


Apr 8, 2002
My gf was just recently sized for a platinum tension setting (which are inherantly difficult if not immpossible to resize I'm told). The guy who's making the ring suggested erring on the big side by a bit to allow for some room to grow, swell, what have you. But he also said he would add a couple of what he called "bubbles" to the inside to make the ring fit snug now. In the event (pregnancy maybe) her fingers swell significantly, these bubbles could be removed, and in effect, increase the size of the ring by 1/4 to 1/2 a size.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Aug 11, 2002
I was measured for my ring over the summer, and when it came, I could barely get it on. I had to give it a firm push over the knuckle. My first impulse was to have it made bigger, but I thought I would give it a try and see how it went on and off, and felt while I was wearing it.

I'm so happy I let it be. I used hand cream during the summer (I do anyway) and could slip it on no problem. To get it off easily, I could do the same or just wet my finger. It was comfortable around my finger, just difficult to put on and get off. And it didn't slip like most rings I have. Now, in the cold weather, it's still hugging my finger with a minimum of slipping. I'm very glad I didn't have it made bigger.

I had another ring made this fall, and the jeweler measured my right index finger (which is significantly bigger than my left)-- also very hard to get over my knuckle -- and made the ring slightly oval. I slip it on turned to the side -- the long diameter -- and then turn it to face centered. If you looked at the setting, it's just barely perceptible that it's oval, but gives me enough leeway to get it on and still hug the base of my finger. I thought it was a great solution.

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