Ring or no ring?


Jul 19, 2011
I recently became engaged, and I have a friend who asked me how important I feel an engagement ring is to marriage. My fiancé chose this Pink Sapphirefor me, but I still don't know how to answer her since I'm new to this myself. Is it better to go ring, or no ring? How important is it? Does it say something if you don't have/wear one?


May 12, 2011
I think it's a personal choice...
I have a couple of friends who only wear an eternity band, they never wear their engagement rings but they do have them.
My late Mother only ever wore a thick plain good band, she never did get an engagement ring and I heard her mention a few times how she wished she had one.
Personally I'd want an engagement ring, but that's just me. It's not that I feel them as an important part of marriage per say, I just like the sentiment and the look.


Jun 6, 2011
This is a very personal choice. Tradition shows that rings are a popular and enduring symbol to weddings. But whether it is an E-ring or a wedding band, whether it is plain or a diamond or a gem or jade or a bangle or gold etc, all are different depending on the culture of the recipient.

There are no broad answers I think. I feel it is most meaningful when the rings symbolise something for the couple - both members of the relationship, and a bonus if it is cultural and or religiously significant (catholics routinely bless the matrimonial rings during a church wedding as one example). Some cultures don't do rings at all.

For you, how did You feel about your ring? I doubt there are any right or wrong answers, except disrespectful or flippant ones - so how you share with your friend your views are intensely personal and valid no matter what you feel.

Pandora II

Aug 3, 2006
I get the feeling that you would rather have a more conventional engagement ring?

I help a lot of people out with their e-rings and I would never recommend an eternity unless it was the girl's specific choice. Even then, one friend of mine did choose an eternity and then regretted it as she didn't feel engaged and people's reactions made her feel like she had to defend it.

I'm a big fan of coloured stone e-rings (I have one myself), but even then it needs to be something the couple choose together IMHO.
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