Retailers Only - How to Buy Ideal Cut Diamonds, and Save Time and Money!

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Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
When a dealer opens a stone paper and tips out say 100 diamonds on the desk you take your loupe and examine a few stones for clarity, and scoop some up and check the color in a piece of folded white paper. If you agree on the price, you then examine each stone more carefully.

You probably begin with your loupe, avoiding stones with central or dark inclusions, large tables, fish-eyes or poor symmetry. Next you scoop your selection and put it into the color paper, rejecting say the lowest 10% for color. Typically you have a selection of 20 to 40 stones left for an investment of less than 15 minutes of your time for melee’, or perhaps an hour if you are buying larger stones.

Now there is a quicker and better way. Pre-screen the diamonds with an Ideal-Scope, which takes about 5 to 10 seconds per stone. Typically you will select 10% to 50% of a parcel – the ones with the very best make.

You save time by not bothering to grade every stone for clarity and color.

You have selected the most brilliant and firey diamonds in the parcel.

Typically you find a few H&A’s (But do this selection back in your office!!).

Even diamonds with lower color will ‘face up’ whiter.

The dealer will be happy because you will leave him some of the cleaner stones

You both save time.

Your clients will be happy because they want brilliant and firey diamonds.

Mark all the stones up a little more, especially any H&A’s you found.

Your bank manager and accountant will be happy because you will make more money.

What to look for with the Ideal-Scope

1. Avoid diamonds with white or pale pink in the critical region just inside the table.
2. Buy diamonds with bright pink extending right across the stone to the upper girdle (outside) facets. They will have ‘edge to edge’ brilliance and appear much larger.
3. Look for diamonds with great ‘optical’ symmetry, ideally with a perfect dark 8 rayed star. Half or more will show a hearts pattern in the H&A’s viewer.
4. Look at how much black or darkness you see in the stone. Too much indicates the diamond will appear dark and lifeless. Too little and the diamond will have less fire and scintillation.

You will never again need to concern yourself with estimation of table size, facet meet points and alignment, pavilion depth or crown angle. The diamonds cut either performs or it does not. And you see optical symmetry; which is all about ‘benefits’ that your customers can see, rather than symmetry based on unrelated ‘features’.

If you like this idea I can explain how you can sell diamonds with romance rather than technicalities. The Ideal-Scope allows people to see for themselves the benefits of the craft of the master cutter, rather than discussing features such as table percentages and angles.

Would you like to know how to sell diamonds with romance?

Garry Holloway


Jun 17, 2002
Unless you are an expert with diamonds the most important thing is to have a jeweler you can trust.

TRUST is the most important thing to make you feel at ease with your diamond purchase.

You can read more information about diamonds and the 4 C's (really 5 C's) at

C arat
C olor
C larity
C ut
C onfidence
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