Resizing engagement ring enquiry....


Jun 6, 2006
Hi all, i have a question which is bothering me for quite a bit and i thought it would be good to ask you all.

I made a purchase of an engagement ring, which is made in platinum and the size was a 48. Then i had it resized to 47 as my partner did mention that it was too big. And after trying out rings again, she actually mentioned her ring size should be a 46 instead and i had it resized to a 46. Yesterday we went to the same jeweler, she mentioned that she can fit on both 46 and 47 and that maybe a 47 might be safer as the jeweler mentioned her ring size should in actual fact be a 46.5, so all in all, i might have to resize it back to a 47.

All this while, she doesnt know that i have been changing the size of the ring as i was planning to propose only next year. SO my question is,

1) will this constant resizing of the ring, will it do any harm to the ring or the setting? The band is a plain platinum band, 4 prong setting of a diamond.

2) some jewelers mentioned that when you resize a platinum ring, a black line will appear after wearing the ring for a couple of years due to wear and tear, is that true? Does that mean that if i have already resized my ring twice and gonna be a third time, the ring will have multiple black lines on the interior of the band?

someone pls advice as this "finding out what her true ring size" is giving me the headache already, never did i think it would be this difficult and "complicated"....thank you for your time.


Dec 22, 2009
The proper ring size varies from ring to ring, you are never going to know whether it's perfect until she has tried it on and worn it through four seasons. I would leave it at the size you have got it, and if need be change it later on down the line.

As for the multiple resizings, I wouldn't worry about that as long as you have a very good jeweller. I have had my ring resized 3 times with no problems. I was speaking with a jeweller who told me that it would not affect the integrity of the ring at all, as I told her how concerned I was about what the resizings were doing to my ring. I have also had no problems with lines or anything like that. The lines you're talking about come from inexperienced jewellers who shouldn't be working with platinum, using white gold instead of platinum to solder.

In short if you trust your jeweller and they are well experienced with platinum it shouldn't be a problem.


Jan 11, 2006
If you aren't giving her the ring until next year, I wouldn't have sized it at all yet! And I would not resize again until you give it to her and she wears it through hot and cold seasons to find the happy medium in sizes since finger size can change with the heat and cold.
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