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resetting a solitaire

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Feb 17, 2003
I had a simple 18kt white gold 6 prong solitaire setting that i wanted to set a sapphire in. I took it to the local shop here in Lubbock and was told I had to change out the head, because all jewelers do that -- they don''t reuse old heads. $35 dollars and a week later I got my ring back. It was set with 4 prongs in 14kt (not 18 kt like the original setting) and the sapphire is sitting crooked. At first glance, nothing looks wrong, but now I notice that it is sitting lopsided and the prongs are not even all the way around. It doesn''t even appear that the prongs are holding the sapphire in properly. And it came back a size too small. I didn''t ask for a sizing.

I want to bring it back to the jeweler to have it reset again but I want to ask advice from you experts out there, did I pay too much? did I have to have the head replaced? can i request that 18KT be used as in the original setting?



Feb 6, 2003
Hi Dragonfly,
Without seeing the condition of your setting or the Sapphire been set difficult to say, however a few things need to be considered. When a ring is made the setting if usually made to accomodate the stone there are always exceptions though, was the setting originally made for a diamond? as Sapphires usually have bulbous pavilions and are thicker makes. However I would expect the setting to be made again in 18kt as original if that was the agreement. I know I always prefer my stones sitting straight. It's possible that an allowance for the finger size wasn't taken when new setting was made. I would go back and have a chat to the jeweller I'm sure they will be happy to fix the problem. Hope it goes well!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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