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recommendations on where to have my stone set


May 22, 2011
Hi Guys,
thank you so much for all ur help so far its been a long journey but we r finally almost at the end least for now before i do an upgrade :)> So we finally have the diamond from erd and the setting is on the way but i was just wondering if any one has recommendations on local jewelry stores that will set my stone while i wait. I live in Northern VA. I have tried to Google it but nothing is coming up. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as i am scared of shipping my stone off anywhere cos i don't want it to get swapped.

Thank you


Jan 3, 2005
why not send the setting to ERD and have them set the stone. I'm afraid you might have a hard time finding a vendor set a stone you didn't buy from them into a setting you didn't buy from them. ERD will probably take responsibility for the stone since you bought it from them. I don't think a local vendor will do that even if you do find one to set your stone. Are you going to have it insured? I do know Quest is in VA so you could possibly ask them. And, just a side note but diamond swapping is very, very unlikely. Not many jewelers will risk jail time no matter how valuable your diamond may be :))
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