Reasonable price for stone change in 5 stone ring?


Apr 11, 2011
I saw a beautiful 5 stone ring in the estate jewelry at an antique store when I was browsing last night. It is 1 ctw 5 stone ring in a weighty platinum setting that is gorgeous. The stones are bright and pretty except for the middle stone, which isn't as bright as the others. The price was excellent and it would be a nice right hand ring, but that center stone would bother me. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea as to what a reasonable jeweler would charge to switch out the stone. The stones are 3.8-4 mm and G-H color/VS clarity based on the appraisal. I louped them at 10x and they are all clean.

Looking at Blue Nile, certed 0.23 ct stones that would be the right size/color/clarity are about $380, so I'm mostly wondering about estimates for the labor.

Setting similar to this:

The purchase would be final sale, so I can't take it to a jeweler and get an estimate before I go ahead with the purchase.


Jul 21, 2004
'Reasonable' varies a lot depending both on what the job requires and who you hire to to it. For example, it's not unusual for a job like this to require some repair work on the prongs. You can drop $20-$100 each on that. Then again, maybe it'll be zero. Setting a quarter carat around here is about $50 as most of the stores but I've heard of it going for as little as $20. You've already looked up the stone but it may not be quite that easy. Matching the cutting can be tricky on antiques and if you put a modern stone in it can stick out - the very problem you're trying to solve. It's not a given that it's even possible without looking at the piece but usually it is. It just depends. Any chance you can get the seller to agree to do it (for a fee of course)?
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