Reality Check Needed


May 14, 2010
OK. After years of saving my coffers are finally flush enough to get serious on getting a ring bought. Up till now I have been laser beam focused on what I was going to propose with. I was looking for an:

AVC, E-F, VS1 - VS2, around 1.5 carat (I want 6.5mm or bigger), preferably square but rectangle will work if the width is there and the culet proportion is right.

As many of the GOG lurkers know this stone doesnt pop up too often in inventory, but theres a very close candidate on the site right now.

Its an SI1 but its based on some crystals which Im willing to bet wont be terribly noticable.

My problem is the cost. I can get it but part of me says that maybe the premium for AVCs has past my comfort level. Its always been that AVCs are a slam dunk stone at a bump in price but when Im surfing the other sites (ERD, Leon) Im thinking the bump has gotten a little more major. Maybe its worth my time to call in some competitors stones and do some legwork on my own.

So am I crazy in thinking the premium for AVCs has risen a lot or is it just a function of price rises in general?


Jan 11, 2006
I think if you look at how the prices of ideal cut rounds have risen lately, you will not think these prices are really inflated. For example, here is a 1.5 F SI1 WF ACA at $16, you have a color grade and few points larger. I think the price is right there with other top cut quality stones.

That particular stone looks gorgeous, and you'd just have to call and ask about the inclusions.


Nov 18, 2010
Finding a generic cushion that has as much fire and brilliance as an AVC is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However you should def check out different vendors after all you might just be one of the lucky few who find one ! Id try contacting Perry from art of platinum or ERD and see what they can offer you. Good luck in your search !
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