Radiant dimensions

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Apr 17, 2003
I''ve seen a lot of discussion about depth and table of radiants, but none about the dimensions. Some are more square, while others more rectangular. Is there an ideal?

I just bought an EGL Radiant for $3,000 with the following specs:

1.04, SI1, G color, with these dimensions:

7.14 x 4.97 x 3.38.
depth 68.0
table 73.4
crown 8.2

What do you all think? EGL doesn''t rate the cut. It is a little rectangular for my tastes, but I think it may be in my hed.

I wish I could''ve bought a bigger stone to really appraciate the cut (I think 1.5 is ideal), but not enough greens.


Mar 11, 2003
Hi Johnnylaw,

I was just perusing the topics on the forum after being on vacation and noticed your question. I'm also very interested in the radiant cuts & just got one myself (well, it's not on my finger yet, but it's lurking about my fiance's house somewhere...).

I don't believe there is an "ideal" as far as dimensions go; I know there is a chart that's been referenced quite a bit on this forum for grading on fancies, but I don't know what the address is; can anyone supply it? If not, you can look at the Pricescope home page & there's a link to info on diamond grading charts that will take you there.

I think the dimensions are really more of a personal preference thing; I happen to like the more rectangular cut & noticed the very rectangular cut of your diamond and I think it would look nice. But that's me. I know that during my search, I found a great majority of more square stones than rectangular ones & it was difficult to find just what I wanted that wasn't cut too deeply.

I'm not a "cut rock", but I think the depth of your stone isn't too bad, but the table might be a little large; can anyone provide more info on that? (Unfortunately, Johnnylaw, there are not many responses to radiant questions; kind of sad & discriminatory against the poor little cuts, but such is the way of this forum for some reason.)

Lastly, from my experience and also from what responses I do see regarding radiants (or seemingly any cut, for that matter), the final distinguishing factor is really how it looks in person to you. I had to look at a lot of very similar cuts & grades and somehow, they can just look vastly different. So if you liked it enough to buy it, it's probably a good looker.

Good luck!

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