Quick comparison- original moissanite vs hearts and arrows

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  1. anangel

    Aug 1, 2008
    by anangel » Aug 24, 2019
    I’ve been a fan of moissanite for quite some time; I have an original C&C moissanite ring that has to be a decade old. Since I recently purchased a StarsGem hearts and arrows cut, I thought it’d be fun to do some comparison shots.
    The ring on the bottom is an original C & C round moissanite, the top is the StarsGem hearts and arrows in their G-H color.

    Sorry about my needy cat crying in the video! I promise she is well loved ;))
    E9C78AE8-11C6-4AEF-8192-17F91C64C578.jpeg CDDDBF8C-675E-471C-ABBC-9A341E5EF78C.jpeg 41DC4FBA-CC1F-4105-AF28-F9EAE4429D6D.jpeg
    It is interesting to compare them side by side- my original moissanite is still pretty but next to a near colorless stone, the tint is more obvious. Having it next to a hearts and arrows cut the more “splintery” pattern of the cut is more noticeable as well as the very low crown. Even the original moissanite was a pretty good diamond sim, but in the last couple of years, since the moissanite patent expired, it’s been really neat to see what other companies have done to improve color and cut while drastically reducing cost.
    Anyways, hope the pics were helpful and interesting :P2
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  2. michellelynn9175

    Mar 11, 2018
    by michellelynn9175 » Aug 24, 2019
    Thanks for this! Very interesting. I can’t wait to get my stones! And your little kitty’s meow is so sweet :kiss2:

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