questions about "feather", "cavity", and "extra facet".


Apr 24, 2011
I am hesitating between four stones from WF. All are AGS0 on light performance and everything and receive their 5 stars.
1. 1.466 c, I, VS1. Inclusions are ‘feather’, but it’s not noted where on the picture. (At least I can’t see);
2. 1.482c, H, VS1; inclusion includes ‘cavity’. Users have discussed this diamond before. Some said it would not be a problem unless the cavity is on the corner. After looking carefully, I do think the cavity sits on the edge of a facet and close to one of the corners.
3. 1.585c, I, VS2. This one has extra facet.
4. 1.538c, I, SI1; inclusions are feather; by looking very closely at the report I can see some very little inclusion from the top-down picture close to the upper-left edge and some close to the upper-right edge on the other picture. But according to the picture, these are really hardly noticeable to me. I've researched myself and see suggestions as to consider the location of the feather etc; the location of the feathers do worry me a little bit, and since it's SI1, I'm not sure if it means there would be more things to worry than what I can see on the picture. For me, as long as a particular SI1 inclusion is eye-clean and causes no durability issue, I could accept it.

After researching myself, I'm more inclined towards (1) or (4). (4) is 0.2mm's larger than (1) in diameter. I know it's not much but it seems to me that a 0.5mm is a big difference in diamond, so it still matters somewhat to me.

Please give me some suggestions and advice, esp. on the SI1 inclusion of feather, with some minor ones seemingly to be close to the corner. I'm not an expert on reading the pictures on WF, but they all look fine to me, except for the extra facet one, for which the picture looks a bit different. Thank you very much!
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