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Question about inclusions on this one


Feb 23, 2021
Hi all! I've been lurking the forum for a while, but it's my first time posting. Would appreciate any help I can get.

Background: I'm hunting for a pair of lab grown to make studs for my mum. I found two F, VS1s (with a pretty good cut, though not H&A) that match basically perfectly, but I have questions about two (potential?) inclusions on one of them that's making me hesitate. If it doesn't affect diamond performance by much, though, I'd still get them because the match is great.

I've attached two photos - a top view and a side-ish view. The first question is about those rows of black spots you can see from the side view (circled in ovals) - I don't really think they're inclusions? It feels more like a reflection of something, and I've seen those in multiple diamonds yet found no info on them. What are they?

The second question is about this one spot inclusion I can't get my eyes off of, circled in round on both photos. I know the photos are super-magnified (stone should be 5mm irl), I'm just wondering if it's still going to be eye clean in real life and - if not - is this going to affect the performance of the diamond?

And lastly, anything you've seen that I failed to notice about this one?

Thank you!!

Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 09.20.43.png Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 09.22.46.png


Jul 31, 2014
There's no way you'll see those inclusions IRL given the stone size.


Jan 4, 2012
The first photo is a reflection of the laser inscription on the girdle of the diamond, while they are more obvious with step cut stones you can see them in pretty much every cut. I hate watching diamond videos and psyching myself out over a ghastly inclusion to realize it was just a reflection. I have to keep my monitor very clean for the same reason.

As noted above, in that size you will never see the inclusion circled in the second photo.

Hope your mom absolutely loves them!
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