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quality vs. quantity

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Jan 31, 2007

I am yet another newbie here at PS. I posted the other day about a .70 carat ring, but was advised to keep looking.
We''re looking at the PS vendors, other online vendors and yes, the dreaded B&M stores (I am really getting into the PS lingo, here!).

I know that I can get a larger diamond to fit our budget ($5000 Canadian) if I lower my colour and clarity standards.

I am not really "set" on getting a large diamond...but I don''t want a tiny one either. I tried on a .70, .85 and .90 at one of the local B&M stores, just to see how they would look on my hand. They looked really good to me, so anything in that size would be fine with me.
I tried on a 1 carat and a 1.5 carat, and they looked awkward and too big. When I said "They''re too big", the jeweller''s mouth dropped wide open. I had quite the chuckle at that. I think they just look large, because I have never worn rings.

Anyway - to cut a very long story short.

Would it not make sense to get a smaller diamond (.70 - .90), with a higher clarity and colour, than to get a larger diamond with a lower clarity and colour? If we''re going to be dropping money on a diamond, I would figure it should be as "pure" as can be.

What did you guys do??



Apr 22, 2004
If going for an ideal cut, it makes no sense to be plunking down $$$ for too high colour and clarity that you can't see anyway. Since you are set on 0.7ct to 0.9ct, here's what I would do:
1. Stick to F/G/H and eye clean VS2/SI1 stones
2. Spend the extra on a more special setting
3. If you still have extra $, spend it on a diamond wedding band.

As to the "purity" thing, I think it is overrated. Is there a whiter colour than D? An IF diamond will get nicks and scratches over time and will become a VVS1, and god forbid, a SI1 if it should chip one day. To the naked eye, the IF and VS1 will look the same. Plus, without any birthmarks, how are you going to be able to identify your stone, unless you have a girdle inscription?


Oct 21, 2006
you get whatever you want! if you were looking at E, VVS1 stones, i would have said yes, you should drop your color and clarity, because why pay for things which you cannot tell the difference. however, you posted before you were looking at a G, VS2 0.70CT stone, which i think is a really good mix of color and clarity. it is easy and safe. now buy the best cut you can, and if there is money left over, this is not a bad thing, people dont always have to spend thier whole budget.

the only thing i would recommend is you buy your stone at a store which has a good trade up policy, in writing, just in case later in life you decide you do like those bigger stones.
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