Quality of a cut based on an IGI Mini-Certificate

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Nov 13, 2002
I would greatly appreciate any expert opinions to help me determine the quality of diamond I am looking at.

I have a Diamond (in a ring) on Layaway because it seems to me to be a good buy in the category and price range I am looking for. So here is what it is listed on the IGI MiniCert:

SI1 (EyeClean)
Polish/Symmetry Good/Good
Mounted in a 14K Gold Tiffany style solitaire.
And it's $2500 .
But here is the problem... I wanted to make sure that I am not buying a diamond with a poor cut and get jipped. This is my first diamond purchase and it will be for her, so I tried to learn the most I could. I know I am not an expert so I would rather not rely on my eyes (anyway I think thats why they put nice bright lights in those places).

So I called IGI to get more info so I can determine the cut but I think it is still not enough to get anything valuable from it. Here is what they gave me.

Dimensions 5.64-5.70 x 3.53 mm
Depth 62.3%
Table 58%
Flore None
Culet None
Gridle "Thin to Think Faceted"

I was going to try the cut advisor but could not figure out how to get the 5.64, 5.70 and 3.53 converted to use them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


Oct 26, 2002
Cut Advisor requires either a Sarin report or an AGS cert.

Here are my comments:

Depth may be too much, but you would need Cut Advisor to confirm or deny that. So we do not know the cut quality. IGI is a 4th tier certification company. I believe they are used by Sears and Walmart.

But, I do know that these three are AGS 0 H&A stones for not much more! Certainly very top level cuts.

So while the cut of the stone you found may be fine, it is certainly not as good as these. Not to mention the fact that AGS is far more of a quality certification than IGI. So I recommend spending 20% more or

And here is the big news -- get this
While it is a grade lower, it is an AGS grade! So you know it is real. It would not surprise me if this stone were higher in color and clarity! And it is certainly (99% chance) a better cut.

They can put it in the same setting for not much money.
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