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Apr 16, 2003

Is it possible for me to go to a mall jewelry store, see a solitare engagement ring (1.38c; g color; I1 clarity) for $3600.00 (with discounts) with an appraised value of $9,000 and not really see any inclusions with the naked eye and with a magnifyer and then go to a reputable jewelry store and see a loose stone (1.28 c; j color; si1 clarity) for $4300 (solitare setting included) and GIA certified but was told by the jeweler that it would probably appraise at $5600. How is that possible? And which one is the better buy?


Jan 29, 2003
1. Try taking the I-1 out from under the diamond lights and taking another look at it, with a loupe to begin with if necessary to locate the inclusions...

2. Appraisal values as determined by the seller are an indicator of NOTHING. If you want an accurate appraisal value, take the item to an independent GIA Graduate Gemologist who has nothing to gain or lose by the determination of the appraisal value. Many retailers overinflate their appraisals by doubling or tripling the retail value of the item they are selling... Now here's the funny part, most of them doubled or tripled the price of the item to begin with and then they double or triple it again to make you "feel good" about the "deal" that they're giving you... We can that a "feel good" appraisal, but the problem is that you only feel good about your purchase until you either have it appraised by a reputable appraiser or experience a loss and learn what your insurance company thinks the item is really worth...

3. Nobody can tell you which is the better "deal" without knowing:

Who graded the diamond.
The measurements:
The total depth %
The table diameter %
The crown angle
The pavilion angle
The girdle thickness
The polish grade
The symmetry grade
The fluorescence rating
The type and location of the inclusions...

Obtain that information from the sellers and several people on this board will be happy to provide you with further insight...


Dec 12, 2000
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This one is full of problems for someone like you.
Is it possible, yes and you are being jerked around badly!
The price on the 1.36 carat is OK but the appraised value should be about $4900 or $5000. If you can't see the inclusions with a 10X loupe, I would say that it is clarity enhanced. Does it have a GIA certificate? If not the color and clarity may be lower and the price too high.
The price on the 1.28 is a little high but still OK and the appraised value is more in line with what appraisals are supposed to be.
I don't like the ethics of the first store and I hate I1 diamonds so I would probably go for the 1.28 if it was pretty. Give us all the GIA certificate information and maybe a sarin report and we can give you a better read on what I might look like. Hold onto your wallet until you have gone through some diamond education here. There are lots of diamonds out there. There are also plenty of diamonds here.
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