Problem with my five-year-old rings from James Allen


Mar 4, 2006

When my husband and I bought my engagement and wedding rings five years ago, PS was an invaluable resource in our decision. I hope you all don't mind me coming back to ask about an issue I'm having five years later.

My ring is a Danhov design with a halo and the matching pave wedding band in white gold. A few months ago, one of the stones fell out of the halo. I sent it back to be fixed and the only thing I had to pay was the shipping.

When I got the ring back, I noticed that the area on the halo where the stone had been replaced was a little recessed from the rest of the stones, to the point where it snagged on things. Even coworkers could spot it when I asked them to tell me if they noticed something unusual about the ring. I thought I'd try to live with it but then a stone fell out right next to the one that was replaced, so I sent it back again. Since I was going to be without my e-rings for a while, I decided to send the wedding band back, too, and have it rhodioum plated.

A few weeks went by and I received an email from JA letting me know that the repair work was going to take a little longer. A week later, I got an email from a sales executive:

"I was recently contacted by our manufacturing department pertaining to the repair order on both the engagement and wedding ring that you recently placed. They have advised that the best option so you no longer have issues with the side-stones falling out is to re-make both rings. Currently, both these rings are priced at $4390 however, we can re-make this for you at $700 for the engagement ring and $450 for the wedding band. Remaking both items is the best option to ensure that you no longer have problems with these anymore however, we can fix them to the best of our abilities and send them back to you as originally planned."

I'm not sure why the wedding band needs to be remade as no stones have fallen out of it; I just wanted it plated so it looked like the e-ring, which was plated the first time I sent it back. And I'm really concerned about being asked to pay to remake a ring that is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

I do understand that normal wear and tear is not covered, but I'm pretty protective of my rings as I know how delicate pave can be and haven't had any problems at all until that one stone fell out. It seems like after that was fixed is when the problems started happening since I lost another stone so quickly after that, and I feel like it was the workmanship on the repair that cause that to happen. I don't think I should be responsible if they have to remake the ring to ensure stones don't fall out, as I don't believe I caused the damage that is making that necesary.

Am I being unreasonable? Is this standard practice in the jewlery community? I know James Allen is very highly thought of and like I said, we had no problems until a small stone fell out after five years.

And if I do have to pay to have it remade, is it acceptable to ask if there's a cheaper design alternative? We are saving for a house and have a little one now so that kind of money just isn't in the cards for something as unexpected and not really necessary as this.

Thanks so much for your input and feedback; it's much appreciated!


Aug 14, 2009
It sounds like they are standing by their warranty policies - and they're more generous than most, most vendors would leave you out to dry five years down the road :sick:

I mean, if you think about it, You have had the rings, and presumably regularly worn the rings, for *five years* now. No matter how careful you are with your pieces, unless they are the only things to ever occupy your attention, during that time they have undoubtedly been bashed against doors and tables, squished and pressured toward warping whilst you drive and pull and carry things and clap, possibly slept in a handful of times... it is a mark of really quite astounding craftsmanship - and an indication of just how carefully you do keep your jewellery - that your pave'd piece has not had a problem until just a few months ago!

This is the Lifetime Warranty listed on the website:
We stand behind everything we sell and warrant that all items will be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. In the event that there is ever a problem with your jewelry, it can be mailed back to our offices for inspection. If the problem is deemed to be from a structural defect,we will repair or replace the item at no charge to you. If the damage is caused by normal wear-and-tear, then our offices will repair your jewelry at cost. You may also return your jewelry to our offices for free prong tightening, repolishing, rhodium plating and cleaning for the life of your fine jewelry.

The thing is - when you wear any ring, you are pressuring it to deform with literally every motion your fingers make. A ring that was perfectly crafted can be deformed enough by regular wear and tear to require reshaping, re-pronging, even remaking, and with pave reshaping of the metal changes the way those tiny stones are held. The fact that you have not had issues until now indicates pretty convincingly that there were no structural defects at time of manufacturing and delivery, I think, and they aren't claiming to be responsible for replacement in the case of defects caused by you simply wearing the item regularly, so it does sound like a fair exchange to me.

Definitely chat with them more about alternatives - it can never hurt to know your options. It also can't hurt to ask if there's any wiggle room, though best to go in not expecting it.


Mar 25, 2011
I personally think that because you had zero problems for five years (not much wear-and-tear), and considering your financial situation, I would ask them to do their best to repair the ring without remaking it--so long as the repair price is reasonable relative to the remaking cost. Pave is tricky; I had my prongs tightened a few days ago and it set loose a nearby pave stone (and I've only had the ring a month!), so it is absolutely possible that the initial repairs caused the second stone to fall out.

As for the band, certainly ask them to just rhodium plate it; there's no need to have it remade!


Jul 25, 2005
I'd remake the e-ring, and just ask them to plate the other... Nobody wants to tell their customer that a remake is needed unless necessary.


Aug 4, 2008
imho email stinks in this situation.
Ask them if they can arrange for someone who works in production and is looking at the rings call you or you call them.
Then ask what is specifically wrong with each ring and go over the options with you.


Nov 1, 2009
I would expect a ring to last more than five years and I would be upset if it could not be repaired.


Mar 15, 2011
I agree that you should call and talk to someone. And honestly, if the ring has a lifetime guarantee I think they should be replacing it at no cost to you. Them saying you might want to remake the ring indicates they think there might be something structurally wrong with the ring- that you will continue to have problems if they just do a repair. IMO I would expect if they recommend the ring be remade, for them to take care of it. There is a defect and the lifetime guarantee should cover that. Call and talk to someone.


Jan 4, 2011
Weird enough- when my FH got my ring appraised independently, the appraiser told him that we would need to get a new setting (also JA) around the 5 year mark due to normal wear and tear. I think, with normal use, and especially with pave settings which seem to be very sensitive, it isn't so strange that you would be having this problem. It also seems like they tried to do a repair when you sent it the first time but it probably just needed to be remade then. Either way, I do think they are honoring their refund and going above and beyond for you. $700 for a $4K setting is a great deal! Also- I agree that I would just ask them to rhodium plate the wedding band and not remake it. I would reach out to them about any other options for the engagement ring- but would prefer email. I like my possibly expensive correspondences to occur via email. Good luck!!


Jan 11, 2006
JulieN|1306369391|2930334 said:
I'd remake the e-ring, and just ask them to plate the other... Nobody wants to tell their customer that a remake is needed unless necessary.

I agree. I think $700 is fantastic to get the ring remade.
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