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Oct 24, 2002
I have a round diamond with a HCA score of .9 Is it true that even with a high quality princess diamond, it is mathmatecally impossible to get the same fire/brilliance as a high quality round diamond?

Is that also true for a marquise cut?

Secondly, is there a website that would show what a princess/marquise cut would look like thru the ideal scope?

Thirdly, on a round diamond, based on the table, depth, and angles, you can tell how well cut it is (in terms of brilliance/fire/scintillation) - what would you look for in a princess/marquise cut?

I am using princess/marquise like they are the same cut in the sentences above. I know they are not. I would like info on both types of cuts.


Mar 21, 2001
Good points, JK.

We show ImageScopes for our SuperbCert Princess Cuts
and also for a gorgeous 1.71 E/ VS-2 SuperbCert Marquise.

What to look for in a Princess Cut?
A combination of maximum light output with
minimum light leakage. The BrillianceScope and
IdealScope together will give you a very good
indication of performance; much better and more
accurate than relying on just the numbers. There is tremendous
variability inherent in the Princess shape and
assuming that certain numbers for table, depth,
Crown height and Pavilion assures you an "ideal"
stone is not borne out by my research over the last two years.
Two Princess with similar "numbers" can significantly
vary on 'look'. There is one facet on the Princess Cut
that is the "catalytic converter" and plays a major role on
how much light will come out. And no, it is not Crown Height
as one prominent website touts about their 'John Hancock'
Series. Crown height is important, but not the sin-qua-non
as they suggest. Princess with Crown Heights of 9-11%
and Table/Depth in the low 60's can show very mediocre
Bscopes and significant light-leakage on the Image-Idealscope.

If Leonid would permit, I would post links for you
to look at.

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