Princess cut pavilion depth concern

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Apr 2, 2007
I am considering purchasing a princess cut engagement ring that is an H, SI clarity 1.01 carats. I am purchasing this from a private party and have looked at the diamond in sunlight (as filtered through a window). While the color and clarity of the diamond seems correct, I have a concern over the depth of the diamond.

When held up to the light and looked at directly from the top, there is an X that shows from the cutlet of the diamond and radiates up (not a lot but enough to be noticed).

I had a round diamond to compare the brilliance to and realize that a round stone is going to give me much more sparkle than this princess cut. What do the shadows mean? What would I sacrifice if I were to get this diamond?

FYI - I plan on having a diamond appraiser meet me to give me a full appraisal of the diamond once I decide to purchase it, but before I spend the money to have him come out, I want to inquire about these shadows.

I appreciate your input.


Dec 31, 1999
Muncan, welcome to the forum.

Do you know the proportions (table, depth, measurements and mabe crown & pavilion)?

Dark X is probably caused by the head obstruction - similar to dark arrows visible in round diamonds (see e.g. Arrows - Obscuration and contrast).

Most of princess diamonds are cut to retain weight and it is not a surprise that you found a round diamond more brilliant. Unfortunately, table and depth numbers are not enough to evaluate princess or any other fancy shape cut quality. (See e.g. The matter of depth in a princess-cut ).

There are other methods to evaluate cut quality of the fancy shapes. One of them is using IdealScope or ASET
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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