price scope stats, are they up to date?


Jul 25, 2005
Yes, they are up-to-date... I believe the graph is generated instantly.... and I believe the PS database updated twice a week. You can click on the prices and that will open up the PS database search with those stones that make up that price value.

Todd Gray

Jan 20, 2009
BayouKip|1306905519|2935185 said:
Are the stats listed in the price scope stats, for the 1 to 1.49 carat range up to date, and how do they compare to the rapaport prices?

Since the link provided does not work for me, I'm wondering if by chance you are referring to this chart?

As near as I can tell, it seems to be updated monthly; thus it is reasonably up to date. Most of the suppliers whom I am familiar with reflected price increases during the month of May and thus if the May figure was updated at the beginning of May, it is reasonable to expect additional increases during the beginning of June.

I believe that this chart is based upon data reflected by the diamonds offered via the Price Scope diamond search feature / database... One might ask, are prices based upon a simple average of the diamonds listed? Or are the various combinations of color/clarity taken into account? If prices are based on a straight average, then a higher supply of say, I-color and SI-2 clarity will bring down the average... With prices increasing, one may assume that the composition of supply is increasing at the lower price points and this might have an effect on the pricing chart (if it is a simple average).

Even if the average is weighted somehow to counteract this effect, the decreasing global supply combined with a desire to offer goods at lower price points which may be more attractive to buyers with a set budget (and who doesn't have a set budget?) is also likely to impact the supply or listings within the PS search. I expect that over time, we will see more diamonds listed of an overall lower quality than seen in past years, ranging from lower cut-quality to lower combinations of color and clarity grades. We might even begin to see lower quality specimens of quality within each color and clarity grade (that's another thread entirely). All of this, I think, will tend to lower the statistics in comparison to the real market.

Well, that's the scope of my educated guess... why do you ask?
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