Pls help to choose btw pave & prong setting for diamond hoop


May 16, 2010
Hi fellow ladies,

I am torn between the pave and prong setting of a diamond hoops? Can you help me to choose the right and comment about it? I would love to get myself a diamond hoops, but I don't want many hoops, so I need something that I could wear day and night from casual to dressy. I would love to hear from you...Thanks!
The Pave setting are 22x3.5mm 2.4ctw and 25x4mm 2.9ctw
and Prong setting is 34.5mm 2.75ctw. Which one looks better and more lasting?
Both setting are diamonds from the inside out. I am just wondering if the quality of the diamonds makes any difference on the visual appearances on these earrings as I saw some of the diamonds are made of SI quality and I quality, can someone advise? prong.jpg 25x4mm.jpg 22x3.5mm.jpg
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