Please tell me whats wrong with this stone

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Feb 25, 2003
Here is a stone I'm considering. Someone please tell me what the salesman is not. If your an expert or have a through knowledge please tell me what exactly you would pay for this stone. I know these guys need to make their money too, so please also list the price you wouldn't pay for this stone.

Carat: 1.21
Color: I
Clarity: SI1
Polish: VG
Symmetry: G
Gridle: Thin to Medium, Faceted
Crown Angle: 33.7
Pavilion: 40.7


Oct 30, 2002
Absolutely nothing looks wrong with this stone. Here are a few comments, and pricing estimates, etc.

1) This is an I SI1. Make sure that this stone has no eye-visible color (faces up white) as some I stones will have a bit of color but an excellent cut stone will most likely reflect so much sparkle and fire that you will not see any color. Make sure that the SI1 means a TRUE eye-clean stone. Ask the vendor or jeweler to confirm this. If you have seen the stone, confirm it yourself, with a naked eye and then look under a 10x loupe. Since it is GIA graded it will most likely be a good SI1, but confirm it.

2) This stone appears to be a pretty excellent cut. I ran the numbers through the HCA and got a 0.6 TIC Excellent cut (anything under 2.0 is excellent and represents about 5% of the diamonds out there) with all EX EX EX EX on fire, scintillation, brilliance and spread. Very nice!! I bet it's a beauty.

3) If you are not paying for H&A branding or AGS 0 which it sounds like you are not since it is GIA certed and you made no mention of H&A or anything else...then I would *estimate* roughly that you should be paying around $6200-6500 for this stone. Where did I get that #? I ran a search on Pscope for excellent scoring HCA stones in your carat weight, color and clarity range. There was only one, a 1.15c H SI1 ACA H&A AGS0 really gorgeous stone. For $6200. Since your stone is an I SI1, I estimate that same stone would be around $5900 for an I. But since your stone is also a little bit larger, I added some $$ for carat weight. Then I deducted a little for the fact that your stone is not branded (branded stones like ACA H&A etc cost a bit more). So I think the range of $6200-6500 is good, depending on where you are buying (internet saves you some $$ most of the time over retail). I would not pay over $7000 for this stone, even through a B&M. Why waste the extra $$ when you can buy online for less? Paying a little more for a B&M jeweler is understandable but I would draw the line at paying too much more. Plus you have the awesome 1.15 H SI1 ACA stone to consider above. A little smaller than your stone but still knock-your-socks off performance for a great price.

That's all for me. The stone sounds very good though. Maybe Rich can do a DiamCalc for you.

Hope this helps!!

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
Looks like a "no apology" stone, Hunter. An AGA "1A", or AGS "O", the stats make for a beautiful diamond.

A possible image is recreated with the DiamCalc software with the following light return analysis:

Light Return (mono)…...: 0.99 Very Good
Light Return (stereo)…..: 0.97 Very Good
(Non) Leakage (mono)..: 1.04 Very Good
(Non) Leakage (stereo).: 1.02 Very Good
Contrast............................: 0.94 Very Good to Good
(Non) FishEye Effect…...: 1.00 Very Good

IdealScope- In general, the darker pink areas indicate areas of greater light return, with the lighter pink areas indicating areas of lesser light return. The black areas indicate areas of greater contrast, with the gray areas indicating areas of lesser contrast. The white areas indicate areas of light leakage. A good explanation of the IdealScope image along with examples can be found at

Disclaimer- The facet arrangement and symmetry of the image will probably vary from your actual diamond, which may affect the light performance indicated. The computer generates an image with “perfect” symmetry, which is rare. Also, the star/lower girdle facet lengths may be different from your diamond. The computer simulation is reproduced best when the actual diamond is being viewed and the image "tweaked" to the appearance of the diamond, or Sarin info is downloaded directly into the program. However, this "blind" reproduction should be helpful in considering the major light performance aspects..

How much are they asking for it?

1.21 AGS 0 II.jpg


Jan 23, 2003
That stone should be really beautiful!!!!!!!

As Mara said, just make sure it's an eye-clean SI 1 and if the face up it's fine and white, well, this is definitely a gorgeus diamond!
I think it should cost about 6-7K...

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