Please recommend a beautiful, quality pair of pearl stud ear


Nov 10, 2015
I went to Mikimoto's today to see the difference between the triple A and the double A pair. The difference is noticeable and boy the pair was beautiful. What I hadn't realized was a pair of the triple A, in 9mm with a rose hue would go for almost 10 grand. The pair at Tiffany's, while lovely, were not as amazing (though I appreciated the difference in price).

I've never purchased brand name quality jewelry and would love a pair to wear every day. My fake pair is nothing like the real stuff! Please share.

Thank you.


Jul 22, 2014
Re: Please recommend a beautiful, quality pair of pearl stud

I have AA+ Mikiimoto akoyas and AAA metallic freshwater studs from Pearls of Joy. I can honestly say that the quality of the PoJ freshies are comparable and actually they have sharper lustre in comparison to the mikis! I haven't seen their akoyas in person but would highly recommend checking them out. Also check out Pearl Paradise.


Aug 6, 2014
Re: Please recommend a beautiful, quality pair of pearl stud

I bought beautiful AAA akoyas from American Pearl. They are comparable to Mikimoto quality (I compared them). Or Pearl Paradise is having their Hanadama sale on right now.

I don't have a great picture of my earrings, but here's the matching necklace from American Pearl:

Neck shot with earrings:




Feb 11, 2015
Re: Please recommend a beautiful, quality pair of pearl stud

For Mikimoto's you are paying for the name. Yes, they are nice pearls, but you can get equally nice ones from Pearl Paradise, Pearls of Joy, Pure Pearls, American Pearl for a lot less money.

Pearl Paradise is having a Hanadama sale right now, and I have a strand of their natural white Hanadamas and I like them better than my mother's Mikimotos.

You can even checkout the metalic freshwater pearls, which also have amazing luster, or the gem quality Freshadamas.


Nov 2, 2012
Re: Please recommend a beautiful, quality pair of pearl stud

I second that. I would absolutely not pay the outrageous prices for Mikimoto, it is just the name you're paying for. They get their pearls from the same ocean everyone else does! You're not even getting the fun show offy perk of buying a big name, since nobody can tell what brand your pearl earrings are.

Hanadama certified akoya pearls is imo the way to go if you want to be absolutely sure they have sufficiently thick nacre to last for many years. That's not a brand, though, it's an official, highly trusted certificate/report on those particular pearls. (Like a GIA certificate is to diamonds). Hanadama pearls cost more because they need to be sent off and certified. That doesn't mean they're better than other AAA pearls, it just means they are officially documented.

Or, you can get a great deal and simply go with a trusted pearl vendor and accept their AAA rating judgment. That's what I would do now that I know more about pearls. Early on, I bought a pair of hanadama akoya earrings and yes, they are lovely of course but now I would just go with a trusted vendor and get the AAA and save the extra money.

You can ask to have pics of several pairs emailed to you that you can choose from (AAA grade or a mix of AAA and AA). If you want you can post the pics here for our help. We just lurve to weigh in! Or, you can just order a pair and send them back if they're not what you had your heart set on.

Please show us whatever you get! :)


Jul 15, 2015
Re: Please recommend a beautiful, quality pair of pearl stud

Great Post! I've always loved pearls and have been looking as well. I saw that Brian Gavin is now selling pearls. Anyone know if they are good? They are reasonably priced and look beautiful. I know next to nothing about pearls- but have always thought they are so beautiful.
Yeah- new project :dance:
Best of luck to you!
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