Please I help with this Radiand diamond!!!!!!!!


Jul 10, 2013

I am looking for a radiant cut diamond. How important is polish and symmetry? Is James Allen a good place to purchase from?

Please tell me if the following diamond looks good? Thank you in advance!!!!!

Color F
Carat 1.32
Polish Very Good
Symmetry Very Good
Depth 69.8%
Table 67%
Fluorescence None
Girdle Slightly thick-Extremely thick
LWD 6.64*5.62*3.92


Nov 12, 2007
No way to know based on numbers alone. Can you place the diamond on hold with James Allen and then post the link to the images?


Aug 8, 2005
1. You cannot buy a radiant by the numbers. They are nothing like rounds. So posting just a lab report is meaningless.
2. No labs grade radiants for cut.
3. Vendor cut grades and scores are meaningless. So 'ideal' or 'excellent' ratings by vendors are actually more harmful than helpful.
4. You have to buy from performance and faceting.
5. That means pictures, videos and ASETs. ONLY followed by your own evaluation with your eyes once you see it.
6. Do not limit your options by table or depth. It's a waste of time with radiants. They have different facet patterns and the tables and depths can really be ANYTHING and still end up with a wonderful stone. Any one that advises you differently, except with respect to how depth affects spread, is full of it.
7. Requiring VVS clarity is frankly a waste of time and money. Radiants hide inclusions REALLY well. All you need is Si1 and eyeclean. You are again, limiting an already limited pool (radiants are not popular right now) of options for no real reason at all. Unless your lady is of asian decent and she is requiring high clarity for cultural reasons. Otherwise, complete and utter waste of time and money. Good radiants are already hard to find. So set a floor of Si1 and no ceiling on clarity.
8. You should consider G color as well

The entire purpose of faceting a diamond is to reflect light.
How well or how poorly a diamond does this determines how beautiful it is.
How well a diamond performs is determined by the angles and cutting. This is why we say cut is king. With fancies though (anything other than a round brilliant), that is a little complicated. But no other factor: not color, not clarity has as much of an impact on the appearance of a diamond as its cut. Numbers tell you nothing about a Radiants however.
But if the numbers don't help you, how do you evaluate the cut of fancies? Well, the answer to that is light performance and faceting.
So what you need is a way to check actual light performance of your actual stone.

That's what an ASET image does. Please read.
And ASET shows you how and wear your diamond is reflecting light, how well it is going at it, and where you are losing light return That is why you won't see us recommending vendors like Blue Nile, as they do not provide images or ASET images for their diamonds. James Allen can do this, though not with all their stones. Good Old Gold and Brilliantly Engaged does this. So do Brian Gavin and Whiteflash and High Performance Diamonds, but they have to call fancies in, as they do not stock them regularly.

The only stats worth noting are:
Avoid very thin girdles.
And if the depth is very deep (for radiants high sixties and low seventies are normal. Anything over that is overly deep) it will affect spread. Which is why I you have to watch the spread not the carat weight.

The rest... meaningless. You can get a nice radiant with just about any combo of depth and table. And polish is nice to stick to Very Good, but I wouldn't kick a stone out because it has only good polish. And symmetry... not very important at all in Radiants.

You need to shop for BRIGHT stones with facets that are crisp and light up and flash well as they move.

Radiants are a LOT like EC's. See here:

That stone pretty much breaks all the EC number guides. And yet it is a lovely stone with great performance. And as you can see... it's a stone that a number of people on PS would be happy to wear.

Fancies are not quantifiable. Asking me to recommend stats to you is asking me to give you bad advice.

Pick the 3 nicest stones that look the BRIGHTEST and whose facets turn off and on, so the stones dances with the light. You want contrast so again, you want some light and some dark facets, as long as all of them turn off and on, in a dance. Pick the ones with the faceting that appeals to you most. Keep in mind their spread (not carat weight). And just watch the videos a few times for each stone, stop and start them, watch them move carefully. And then when you know which ones you like... put them on hold at JA. And ask for ASETs. Hopefully they can get you one. If they can't... then I recommend you call GOG or BE and have them source you a nice stone.

I will look for you as well. What is your budget?


Aug 8, 2005
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