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Jul 16, 2003
I need some advice. I have found a stone that I really think is beautiful and I want to purchase it in the next two weeks. The problem is that it is an EGL USA certified Diamond.
The stone has the following proportions:
1.5 cts
F Color
58% table
61.9% depth
35 degree crown angle
41.3 degree Pavillion angle
14.8% crown percentage
1.2-1.9% girdle faceted
43.5% pavillion depth
Polish Excellent
Symmetry Very Good

I have looked at a number of stones over the last two months, both EGL and GIA, and I have done more research than I care to admit, however the EGL certified stone has so far been the most beautiful stone that I have found. I know that EGL gets a bad rap on this forum. I guess I need some advice on the ollowing questions.
1) is an EGL USA stone graded F SI1 really a G SI2
2) I looked at a GIA f and a EGL f side by side and saw no difference in color, is this because I am a novice?
3) Should the fact that my Jeweler is a respected jeweler in the community and the fact that he will gaurantee that if the stone is independently appraised or sent to the GIA for a re-certification it will have the same spec''s eleiviate my concerns as to the certification.
4) I am paying $9600.00 for this ring, is this outreaogeous? I checked the websites and this ring price is in line with similar stones, but these were GIA certified?
Thanks for any help......


Jan 10, 2003
From what I've gathered, you should expect to pay more for a GIA certified stone than an EGL certified stone. From what I've been told on this fourm (I am the owner of an EGL (USA) certified stone and came here originally asking questions on this subject) EGL USA can be relieable, but it's just not as consistently reliable as GIA. If I was you, I would NOT pay "GIA prices" for an "EGL stone". Since your jeweler guarantees it will come back the same grade, have him send it off to be graded by GIA. It's a small fee considering what sort of money you're about to spend. I bought my diamond to ENJOY and bought it with less education than I have now. I didn't know the ins and outs of GIA vs. EGL then, and thought it was such a "deal" but now I wish I had sent it for grading at GIA and learn. I don't think that all EGL's are graded incorrectly or that they are "dogs"---I think there are PLENTY of WONDERFUL EGL cert stones out there! You just have to be sure you know what you're paying for! GOOD LUCK!


Jul 16, 2003
Thanks for your insight, the problem is that I want to propose in two weeks and the GIA takes 4-6 weeks to issue a is an EGL Usa Certificate from LA and I hear that they are stricter than the other EGL labs, so it seems that I am getting a cert form the most respected EGL branch and I am buying the diamond form a very well respected jeweler who has no complaints on file with the BBB and who has been in business for over 50 years....does this still seem like a gamble...what if I get it independently appraised and it comes back F SI1 am I safe then?


Apr 28, 2003
hi cactis,

EGL-USA certified diamonds, from what the experts say, are pretty reliable. they are generally dead on, but once in a while slightly generous in their grading. for the most part they are okay. the best thing to do is send an EGL certified diamond to one of the independant appraisers recommended by pricescope. their analysis will either put you at rest on the cert, or will let you know if you, by chance, got a lemon.

i did a quick run of the numbers and it came out to a 4.3 on the HCA...not a great number. you want to find something with a score under 2 if possible.

AGS Ideal proportions:

Table Diameter: 52.4 - 57.5%
Crown Angle: 33.7 - 35.8°
Pavilion Angle: 40.16 - 41.25°
Girdle Thickness: Thin, Medium, Slightly Thick
Culet Size: None, Pointed, Very Small, Small, or Medium

i think for the money, you could do better. use the pricescope search on the homepage to help you. a well cut diamond will blow away one that isn't.

good luck!
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