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Please help identify- ring found in floor!


Aug 23, 2020
The ring was found in our floor at the top of the stairs. 62418B5F-47D5-416E-8A9C-C97FA1C0D8C9.jpeg 41701129-A223-4A55-B907-E9FE4D5195BF.jpeg AE3CC36D-E251-4F90-9615-96EA8D9AA097.jpeg AD9322AD-0D9A-40B9-BABE-A07CC69A94C9.jpeg I took the ring to a gem shop down the road and I was told it’s from the 50’s, the jeweler referred to it as a ‘foil back,’ or ‘foil composite.’ He said these rings were all the rage.

Im just seeking a second opinion because the section of floor was not accessible from anywhere unless a board was removed, no cracks or openings. There were a lot of other items with the same tarnish and dust collection dating pre-1920’s.

Also the jeweler said that this ‘foil backing,’ is what created the stone. Explaining that all kinds of crazy colors and designs were possible.

So to be honest I’m confused, is this thing just epoxy resin? In certain lighting the band has a soft yellow-gold appearance.I was told the band is steel.

I don’t care the value of the ring if any. The find and knowing a general era it’s from is the real value to me. My fiancé and I are going to make a shadow box but want to make sure we know what this ring actually is. Nonetheless it’s beautiful and someone is probably very sad they lost it.

edit: the lighting in the pictures is not perfect, what’s missing are the streaks of green that glow in natural lighting.

Thank you to whomever has any information.
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