Pleas Help Me Find/Choose A Diamond


Mar 3, 2016
Thank you in advance for all of your help, and I apologize for any mistakes as I am new to the forum. It has been an invaluable resource and I have learned a lot by reading.

I am in the final stages of choosing a loose round diamond, and I would love your expert feedback. I have been mainly looking at Whiteflash's "A Cut Above" and "Expert Series" diamonds, but also at James Allen's "True Hearts". I am open to other alternatives, however.

I know everything is about trade-offs and ultimately it's a matter of personal preference. What I'm trying to ask is if I'm on the right path. Thanks!

This is what I am looking for:

Budget: $15,000 - $17,000
Color: G-H
Carat:1.65-1.8 (size was more important than I realized once I saw them in a store)
Clarity: VS1-SI1 (eye clean is also very important, some of the ACA say they are not eye clean, not sure if that's noticeable once it's on)
Cut: Ideal (This one is most important)
Fluor : Does not matter

Budget: Up to 17k

A few examples what I'm looking at:


James Allen:


Aug 8, 2005
arcticice|1457032683|3999211 said:

Put that last one on hold.

What setting do you want for it?


Mar 3, 2016
Re: Please Help Me Choose A Diamond

Gypsy, thanks for the help! For my own education, when you say there is too much leakage from the second diamond, can you explain which photo showed that to you? As for the setting, I am planning on putting it in a white gold or platinum pave ring, I haven't narrowed which one down yet, it will depend from which vendor I buy the diamond.

OK, I have narrowed it down to 5 diamonds. Gypsy, do you think the second James Allen diamond I am showing here is better/comparable to the one you said to put on hold? It's $1000 more but I would be willing to stretch if it would make a big difference. If not I'd rather save the money.

Any other opinions on these? Is James Allen a better bet than Whiteflash at this point Thanks again for all of the help!

James Allen: (Gypsy said to put this one on hold)

Whiteflash: (Gypsy gave it an A-) (Smaller but it's ACA)
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