Pink sapphire: advice needed!


Apr 14, 2015
I’m looking to get a sapphire ring but cannot decide between pink and blue. I love this setting and looking to get 8~9mm sapphire to put in. The jeweler I worked with help finding some sapphires and sent these pictures. My questions for all CS experts:
1. Blue or pink? Personally, I like pink because its my daughter's birthstone and this ring is my mothers day present. But blue is traditional and classic, hard to decide.
2. Does this purplish pink sapphire look good in this setting?
3. I know it is hard to judge from the picture. But how does the cut look? It is un-certified. But the vendor agree to send it to GIA for grading if I would like to purchase it.

il_570xn_169.jpg icm_fullxfull_50.jpg icm_fullxfull_51.jpg icm_fullxfull_52.jpg icm_fullxfull_53.jpg


Jul 23, 2012
I do like the pink in that setting ::)

Make sure you know what you're buying before you buy it. I might ask if they can send it to get a certificate if its a lot of money


The color is purely a matter of personal preference, so that leads me to the cut. In the tray, it looks like there's a small window in the middle of the pink stone. I'd want to know, for sure, if that closes in the setting (if that sort of thing bothers you). It looks like it might, but it's hard to tell with such strong lighting.

I'd ask the vendor to send it to AGL instead of GIA, but that's me. I'd also ask if they know of any treatment. That way you can compare, providing they send it off.

Have you seen these stones in person? Just wondering if you're able to go and take more pictures and see the stones for yourself in various lighting conditions.

What a fun project! :D
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