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Pear Help part 2

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Feb 26, 2002
Ok here is another one!

IGI cert
Pear Shape
D 58.9%
T 56%
Girdle Thin ST
Culet NO
Polish/Symmetry Good
Flo- Medium Blue

Is this a good cut? I dont'' know anything about girdles; it''s all greek to me. The depth and table don''t seem that bad. Expert Opinions welcome!
Jackie S


Oct 4, 2002
I'd be very causious buy a diamond graded by IGI as and I/SI2. You can do a search on IGI, but I believe a lot of people feel they are a little generous with there grading. I my self have not dealt with them.

Also, the depth is actually a bit shallow. More around 60% to 63% is considered better (given the appropriate crown/girdle/pavillion). If the diamond is cut too shallow, it can either have a more pronounced bowtie, or be very dull and lifeless.

The ideal girdle is medium all around. But typically slightly thin (maybe even thin) too slightly thick (maybe even thick) are ok as well. You don't want a girdle too thick as you end up with a smaller looking diamond for the same price as a larger diamond. You don't want it too thin, as you may have chipping prodlems. Particularly if the girdle is thin at the tip. You also would ideally like to have an even girdle. Not one that is thin in parts, thick in parts and wavy. Some may disagree, but this typically ends up with tables and culets that are way off, or not parallel to the girdle, and it can have an effect on the light return because the facets will not be very uniform.

Try to go to They have some nice pears there that maybe out of your price range, but it will give you an idea of what to look for. Also, you can ask Jonathan if he can find what you are looking for.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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