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Aug 5, 2003
Hey @AdaBeta27
I couldn't talk about the cz aspect in that other forum. You mentioned in my thread earlier that some jewelers really messed up your ring and that your Wink Chinese White HA was replaced with junk. I was wondering if you have any kind of replacement for this stone? What size was it? That bench didn't know how to set a cz and probably overheated (maybe that is what turned your white metal into tarnish color) and exploded your original stone. I have some high quality czs but did not know if you had a back up.


Sep 7, 2004
Yes, I have several potential backups if I want to try another cz. I have at least 1 Chinese white 6.5mm and 2 colorless ones. But I might just get a new white OEC moissanite for the next attempt, someday when I get around to it. I am just miffed because I had a badly worn but superbly cut colorless Interlap or Wink's cz in there and my intent was to *restore* this white gold ring to like-new with a new superbly cut Wink's Chinese white cz and bright rhodium plating. Their jeweler sure missed the mark. I was charged $300 for fixing e rings: restore the wg ring with the CW H&A cz that I provided, resize and replate an antique diamond cluster ring, and there was some kind of minor repair on 3rd wg ring but I don't recall the exact details now. The rhodium plating on all of them is subtly blackish, not bright like it ought to be. I will never go back. Totally poor quality work. Bad.
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